Kardder is the easiest way to meet, exchange, build and promote your personal and professional networks.



Proximity-based Search

With Kardder’s unique proximity-based search feature you can explore nearby users to connect with prospective industry leads, and/or also reach out to interesting social contacts in your vicinity without going through the antiquated, awkward, and invasive process of face to face social/professional vetting.

Pin & Park

With Kardder's unique Pin & Park feature

you can put your contact card to work by pinning it to local businesses where you would like to be seen. For example, if you're a contractor, pin your card to a home improvement store's location, etc.

Custom Digital Contact
Cards for Employees

Grant employees access to your company’s branded custom card design. Employee cards are linked to your business account automatically.

Create custom electronic cards

Using Kardder's in-app card creator you can create a custom contact card to ensure you always make a memorable first impression.

Save other people's cards 

Save other user's contact cards to your own card catalog of professional and personal contact information.


Promote on map 

Add subscriptions to promote and make your business stand out on Kardder's in-app map. Make sure other users can always find your business's information when they need to.

Explore the general map for others

Discover other Kardder users with similar interests or professions, using the in-app explore feature.



     Kardder is an all-in-one mobile networking and contact management application with the goal to provide all the business and social contact card-related services you need in the palm of your hand. Featuring an in-app custom card creator, as well as available premium card templates, you can be sure you will always make a memorable first impression when exchanging your contact information with new contacts.

     Whether you intend to use Kardder for personal or professional networking(or both!), Kardder provides all the tools you need to effectively exchange, promote and build your social and professional networks, increasing your overall productivity and network influence. Find out more about additional a few of the specific tools available for both personal and business accounts below.



For Social

     As an individual, use Kardder’s unique proximity search function to explore nearby users, and easily add new contacts for your growing social network. Discover nearby users with similar interests or professions who you are interested in connecting with, make a new contact or possibly more!

     With Kardder, you are always in control of what personal contact information you choose to exchange. So if you would rather not give out your direct personal contact information with someone you just met at a bar, you don't necessarily have to.


For Business

     As a business professional, make sure you're never caught without a business card to exchange with potential clients or associates. As a business owner/manager, use Kardder to promote your business with our proprietary Pin and Park feature to make sure potential customers always have your contact information within reach. Also, use Kardder to provide custom branded cards for your employees. Put them to work as brand ambassadors, promoting consistent branding to potential clients and vendors, especially important for sales associates, and other promotional positions.



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